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Rubber Quoit Sets

The Quoit Factory offers rubber quoits and beach quoits for sale. Our rubber quoits are used in all the Quoit Leagues in Pennsylvania and they perform and wear correctly when playing on slate quoit boards. Recommended by many die-hard quoits players, our rubber quoits are arguably the best on the market. Made in USA.

We also sell Beach Quoits, which are great to use in the sand. Beach Quoits are 9oz compared to the 1 lb regulation rubber quoits used for quoit boards. Similar to pitching horseshoes on the beach, these Beach Quoits are a safer alternative.

Rubber Quoits Official Regulation Steel Quoits Beach Quoits
Price - $55.00 Price - $125.00 Price - $59.50

Brass Quoits Steel Quoits Regulation Hubs
Price - $89.50 Price - $69.50 Price - $20.00 Aluminum Hub /
$25.00 Brass Hub

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