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Quoit Boards
The Quoit Factory strives on bringing its customers with flawless genuine slate Quoit boards built to last a lifetime. We take great pride in making this game in the United States with only the best materials and consistent quality standards. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Here is a description of our product.

Every Slate Quoit board we produce at the Quoit Factory has a textured finish, which allows the rubber quoits to play and wear correctly. Without this proper texture the rubber quoits would slide right off the board. The slates are cut with a diamond saw blade and are extremely smooth along the sides. The Quoit Factory works with family run slate quarry operations to provide you with the best quality slate from Pennsylvania and Vermont. The two slate companies we do business with are just the handful of slate mining companies left in the United States and they both have been in operation for over 100 years.

Engraved Scoring Rings
The Quoit Factory owner handcrafts every single Quoit board. Our engraved scoring rings stand out as quality craftsmanship. They’re distinct and consistent.

Machine Polished Pins
The Quoit Factory works with a local family operated machine shop, utilizing high quality aluminum and brass pins that are then polished to a gorgeous finish.

Wood Supports
Quoit Boards are played outdoors and so the wood supports are prone to the elements. Quoit Factory uses treated lumber for all Quoit boards produced. Treated lumber is the ideal wood to use for durability purposes. Other Quoit sources use basic hardwood, which will rot within a few years and give the customer a headache to deal with. All our wood supports are cut on the proper angle to give the Quoit board stability during play.

Washer Absorber
The Quoit Factory uses a plastic washer that protects the slate from the metal pin. Without the washer the metal would grind away and chip the slate. Some Quoit boards were built with a metal washer on top of the board. Metal washers will rust and eventually bond to the center pin which loosens during play. Most old boards required constant tightening during game play due to the rusting effect of the metal washer and metal pin. We found that a plastic washer performed better for long-term use.

Stainless Steel Screws
Stainless steel is the best wood screw to use in the treated lumber supports because of its strength and corrosion resistance. The stainless steel screws will not rust.

Rubber Quoits
The Quoit Factory is a leader in quality rubber quoits. We have a specialized formula that allows the quoits to wear and perform correctly during hard game action. Our black league quoits are used in the competitive Quoit leagues of Pennsylvania and will last many years. The rubber quoits from the Quoit Factory are made of a high quality rubber material with specialized fillers that ensures the Quoit does not bounce off the board.

Color Quoits
The multi-color Quoit was designed and patented by the Quoit Factory. This rubber Quoit is the same material and weight as the Black League Quoits. The colors mold together at extremely high temperatures creating a seal. The colors go all the way through which creates a sealed bond for durability. There is no difference in performance or durability between color quoits and league quoits.

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