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Quoit Boards / Sets

Shop our selection of Quoit Boards and Quoits. We carry several versions of Quoit Boards in colors of Gray and Green. Our slate is mined from family owned American quarries and handcrafted by the Quoit Factory to regulation standards. A texture is done by hand to let the Quoits perform and wear down correctly. These quality Slate Quoits Sets will last generations for countless good times!

The Quoit Factory also designed and patented a lightweight Tailgate Quoits Set. These quoit boards act like slate but without the weight. The rubber quoits stick to the board and do not bounce off due to a custom molded textured surface. The lightweight tailgate quoits set is a nice alternative to slate quoits due to being only 20 lbs per board and more affordable to ship.

Pennsylvania Clear Gray Quoit Boards
Pennsylvania Ribbon Gray Quoit Boards
with Quoits
Pennsylvania Clear Gray Quoit Boards
with Quoits
Green Slate Quoit Boards
with Quoits
Price - $230.00 Price - $230.00 Price - $260.00
Table Top Mini Quoits Sets  
Tailgate Quoit Boards with Quoits
(Complete Set)
Table Top Mini Quoit Set
Price - $160.00 Price - $50.00  

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