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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never heard of Quoits … WHAT IS IT?
Quoits is a competitive game that originated from the Pennsylvania Slate Belt Region in the 1930's. A very popular and entertaining game, it is found in many backyards, social clubs and recreational facilities. There are many versions of Quoits from other countries but this game is unique to the United States since it originated here in Pennsylvania. The Quoit board game is one of the fastest growing and most valuable outdoor games on the market. Quoit Boards are extremely durable and can last up to several decades!

Quoits is not your typical ring toss game; it is more suitable for adults and teenagers. This game requires a degree of eye/hand coordination and takes skill and time to master. Each player typically develops their own unique pitching style once they learn how to make the rubber quoits stick onto the quoit board. The goal is to have a nice flat spin with a little arc under the quoit so once it hits the board it stays on the board.

Pitching Quoits also is fun because there is offensive and defensive strategy involved. When pitching quoits you can go for the ringer or go for points. You can also aim to knock your opponent off the quoit board; that is called a "dig" which is similar to shuffleboard. A "dig" is some player's favorite thing to do to their opponent!

The scoring of Quoits is similar to Horseshoes. The goal is to get to 21 points. Each quoit is worth 1 point. Each ringer is worth 3 points.

A complete Quoit set is 2 Quoit boards set apart 18 ft from pin to pin. There are 4 rubber quoits to a set, 2 for each player or team.

Why is the Quoit Factory the best source for Quoits?
We are the largest manufacturer of Quoits. The Quoit Factory controls every aspect of the materials that is put into the finished product that allows us to produce consistent quality quoit sets at the lowest cost around. We have had thousands of satisfied customers and returning customers as well. We also wholesale our Quoit game sets to sporting good stores and other specialty retailers.

Which are better, Slate Quoit Boards or Composite Quoit Boards?
Slate Quoit Boards have been known to last over 30 years. We have seen slate quoit boards as old as 60 years! They are extremely durable yet are heavy and prone to chipping if mishandled. Slate quoit boards weigh approximately 60 lbs each and are mined from Pennsylvanian Slate Quarries. Slate material is used for quoit boards because it can be honed down to a flat and textured surface allowing the rubber quoits to perform correctly. The rubber quoits create a very rich sound when pitched onto a slate board. Slate quoit boards are the regulation version of the game and are a great long term investment.

The lightweight Composite Quoit Boards were created and patented by the Quoit Factory. They are an alternative choice for the customer who wants something that will never break or chip if mishandled. They are easy to transport and are much cheaper to ship than Slate boards. Each composite board weighs approximately 20 lbs.

The composite quoit board acts like slate but without the weight. Each board has a very course texture that allows the rubber quoit to play like it would on a slate quoit board. The rubber quoits do not slide or bounce off the composite quoit boards. Composite quoit boards are of regulation size as the slate quoit boards. We are the first company to produce and patent the lightweight quoit board so beware of cheap imitations.

What is the best way to clean and store your Quoit Boards?
Slate Quoit Boards are easy to maintain. If you spill any beverage onto your slate board you must wash it off with water. If there is a stain on your slate quoit board you can use soap and water and scrub it down with a brush. Make sure you thoroughly rinse off the slate or the soap will create a "murky" look on the slate.

Do not use any type of chemical cleaners on your slate quoit board because this will ruin the texture. Do not use any type of sealants on your slate quoit boards. This will not enhance the look of the board it will ruin the texture that the rubber quoits need to play and wear correctly.

We recommend that you store your slate quoit boards in your home, garage or shed. If you leave your Slate quoit boards outside it will be prone to the elements that will also change the texture of the board. It takes some time for the "weathering" effect to take place but if you leave it outdoors for a day or so there is no need to worry. We use treated lumber for the supports and stainless steel screws which hold up for a long time.

Composite Quoit Boards are also simple to maintain. They do not stain if you spill anything on them. They are unbreakable and waterproof. We recommend that you store them inside as well since they are lightweight and easy to move around. The composite boards are easily cleaned off with water and a light brush.

I get to choose Aluminum or Brass Hubs (pins), which one is better?

Most people prefer aluminum over brass because aluminum is easier to see when it gets dark and it will never rust. Brass is a heavier metal and a little more expensive. There is no difference in competition play between the two. Brass tends to tarnish in time unless you maintain them. Brass was the hub that older quoit players grew up playing with in the mid 1900's, so you still have the tradition. Stainless steel is currently to expensive to use as quoit board hub. Both aluminum and brass hubs from the Quoit Factory are machine polished to have an outstanding shine. The metals that we use for the hubs are of high grade material and have never broken.

What is the line that runs through the slate?
The line that runs through the slate is called a "ribbon." The ribbon is a natural property in the Slate. It is more dense and harder to cut through because it contains a high amount of carbon. A few people assume that the ribbon line is a weak spot on the quoit board which is false. Ribbon Slate grades out well in the industry and has been known to last 75 years before deteriorating. well in the industry and has been known to last 75 years before deteriorating.

Why is the shipping cost so much for Slate Quoit Boards?
Slate Quoit Boards are heavy with each weighing approximately 60 lbs for a total package weight of 130 lbs. They are very fragile and to ship them you must trust the shipping carrier to handle them properly. We use several Freight carriers to ship the Slate Quoit Boards because they are strapped to a pallet and only moved on average one or 2 times in transit by a forklift or pallet jack. This is ideal because they are not being thrown around in boxes.

We do not recommend having your slate quoit boards shipped via UPS Ground or Fed Ex Ground since they have a poor record of handling something this fragile.

Does the Quoit Factory provide discounts?
We offer discounts to retail stores, e-commerce sites, quoit leagues, recreational clubs and schools. We also offer a veterans discount to those who show proof of service at our shop at 5770 Sullivan Trail, Nazareth, PA. Vets receive $20 dollars off a complete slate quoit board set. The owner is a former Marine who started this business at 24 years old in 2004. He is proud to have one of the few companies that offer discounts to active duty and veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

Does the Quoit Factory make its product in the USA?
We are proud to manufacturer Quoits; a unique and traditional game that dates back to the 1930's from the Pennsylvania Slate Belt. We are also proud that we have kept this game and all materials that are built into our Quoit Sets from local companies. Our Rubber Quoits are Made in the USA unlike some of our competition. We do not believe that an American Game with rich ties to the community should be outsourced to a foreign country just to make more money. We support companies that keep jobs in the United States and we will continue to do business by that model.

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